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A doubting photographer


Project about ethics in photojournalism.

“I think one should have education. You should know a lot, you should have seen a lot, that creates education. You don’t necessarily have to have thought about it a lot. Photography is not necessarily an intellectual process like any other art. There’s a lot of intuition, a lot of creativity. Imaginative things are part of it and intellectual reflection is the least part of it.”
Klaus Honnef

Una isla extraña

Book project by Sergio Gordonas

Language institute Treffpunkt

We have learned in the meantime: Corona changes lives and will continue to do so for quite some time. This affects all areas of life. Learning, too, of course. The TREFFPUNKT team accepts the challenge and acts accordingly. Bamberg is located in Bavaria, the region with the strictest Corona rules in all of Germany. This means the greatest possible security for course participants. Language learning changes naturally. Our teachers currently wear a mask. Facial expressions cannot be seen, but body language is becoming much more important. Even in these times, we adhere to the requirements of the European Language Travel Standard. The language institute TREFFPUNKT has been awarded for this!

Fotografieren wie ein Profi

The best way to learn photography is to practice. In this book, you’ll accompany a professional photographer to assignment on location, on freelance artistic projects, and on his thoughts about photography. Whether Björn Göttlicher is making a portrait, photographically documenting an event or pursuing a private project: You’re up close and personal! Gain insights into the everyday life of a professional photographer, let yourself be captivated by the stories and learn what is important in terms of craftsmanship and where the art begins.

Photograph like a pro, Rheinwerk Verlag, Björn Göttlicher 2015
Techniques, stories, pro tips

Alzheimer – The chest of memory

Catalan with english subtitles

At the end of their lives some people forget about their own existence. “The chest of memories” is an intimate and personal history about Alzheimer disease. We accompany Neus and Amadeu Costa with the camera. In their small house they nurse Amadeu’s mother who suffers from Alzheimer at an advanced stage.

Breaking the Silence – Veitstanz, Liebe & Tod

Die Huntington-Krankheit oder Chorea Huntington ist neurodegenerativ, vererblich und unheilbar. Ein fehlerhaftes Eiweiß zerstört Gehirnzellen und führt im Endstadium zu Demenz.
Der alte Name für diese Krankheit ist Veitstanz, weil die Menschen, die darunter leiden, die Kontrolle über ihren Körper verlieren und sich permanent bewegen müssen.
Alejandro und Encarni aus Ronda in der Provinz Malaga im spanischen Andalusien heirateten 1998, seit 2005 leidet Encarni an Huntington. Da seit Beginn der Krise in Spanien die Gelder für Pflege drastisch gekürzt wurden, wird Encarni jetzt von ihrem Mann zu Hause gepflegt.

Ein Kurzfilm über die Liebe, die Menschen verbindet, auch wenn der Tod an die Tür klopft.
Spanisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

Model of oblivion

On July 19, 1936, the Spanish Civil War also began on Mallorca. The supporters of the democratically elected Popular Front government of the second Spanish Republic could not hold out for long against the fascists under General Franco. Until then, Mallorca had been a peaceful island, but from one day to the next, even here under the blue sky of the summer sun, a murderousness broke out over the people, whose long shadow has remained tangible to this day. In early October 2016, a team of Basque experts opened the largest mass grave in Mallorca, located near the church of Santa Creu in Porreres. Although many family members have long since passed away, there remains hope for the names of those who will not be forgotten.