After publishing his book „Fotografieren wie ein Profi“ at German Rheinwerk Verlag Björn currently works on a book and a video series about the Balearic Island  Mallorca. He received a grant by VG Bildkunst for „Like a Coat of Rain“, his first documentary project about ethics in photojournalism. He was picture editor for the satirical online magazine „Der Laufbursche“. Beside editorial assignments Björn also works as a freelance artist on multimedia documentary projects and gives photography workshops.

Björn’s short bio

Björn Göttlicher, born in 1972 in Bamberg, Germany, is a passionate photographer and author in the fields of travel photography, reporting, and multimedia storytelling. He studied photography in Dortmund, Paris, and Barcelona and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund with a degree in Photo Design. He has published numerous coffee table books and also works for international publishing houses. His pictures have been shown in magazines such as „Der Spiegel“. As the founder of the multimedia platform Punt de Focus he focuses on the use of new media. On his site he blogs about the history and the future of photography. He is also author of the popular books „Fotografieren wie ein Profi“ and „Fotografieren auf Mallorca“ and „Fotografieren in Barcelona“ (2021). His recent precept is A doubting photographer about ethics in photojournalism. Björn is member of, an Award winning online journalism collective.


Driven by great curiosity Björn explores and tries to understand conditions of human life in general, documenting for years the Spanish society. In his honest way of storytelling he puts the individual first and center in order to understand the connections to society. Reoccurring themes in his broad portfolio are pop culture, social conditioning, and moral dilemmas in times of crisis.


Björn has worked as a freelance photographer for more than 20 years. Having started as an architecture photographer after graduation (Dipl. Des. FH Dortmund and Bellas Artes Barcelona) he focuses now on editorial photography with a special emphasis on documentary and portrait photography. He travels frequently and is inspired by people. His latest passion is creativity, writing and entrepreneurship.