Born 1972 in Bamberg, Bavaria Germany
Abitur 1992 at Franz-Ludwig-Gymnasium in Bamberg One year civil service 1993 – 2000 Fotodesign studies at Fachhochschule Dortmund
1995 Erasmus exchange to Academia de Bellas Artes, Barcelona
1996 Internship in the studio Gerhard Vormwald, Paris
2000 Graduation as Fotodesigner (Dipl.Des.) at Fachhochschule Dortmund
2005 Portrait Workshop with Martin Weber, Barcelona
2010 Reportage Workshop with Gerd Ludwig, National Geographic, Hamburg
2013 Grant Writung Workshop with Donald Webber, London
2015 Storytelling Workshop with Rob Hornstra, Barcelona

2018 Marketing Workshop with Henriette Heidbrinck

2020 Entrepreneurship Workshop Media Lab Bayern


Related Experiences

As Photographer since 2000 represented by the oldest agency in Germany, VISUM
In Spain represented by CONTACTO Photo Agency
In France represented by ANDIA
In Great Britain represented by ALAMY
In Dubai represented by ARABIAN EYE

2012 – 2013 Working in Spain as Picture Editor for DAPD
Photographer for German magazin “Der Spiegel” in Spain
2012 Founder of Multimedia Storytelling Platform PUNT DE FOCUS
2015 Founder of FOTOFIESTA Workshops
2015 Picture Editor at DER LAUFBURSCHE satirical magazine

2017 Founder Video-Learning Platform Photochimp Club

2018 Writer & photographer at Riffreporter

2018 Director of Photography at Ramona Seitz`project about People with Albanism

2019 Founder of A doubting photographer



2005 terra magica, Luzern – PORTUGAL
2006 terra magica, Luzern – SPANIEN
2007 terra magica, Luzern – BRASILIEN
2008 terra magica, Luzern – BARCELONA
2009 terra magica, Luzern – VEREINIGTE ARABISCHE EMIRATE
2010 terra magica, Luzern – DER JAKOBSWEG 2011 terra magica, Luzern – LISSABON
2011 terra magica, Luzern – DUBAI
2012 DuMont Bildatlas Cote d’Azur
2013 E-Book 100 Tipps Reisefotografie
2014 E-Book Travel Photography
2014 E-Book Der christliche Reporter
2015 Rheinwerk Verlag, Bonn – Fotografieren wie ein Profi

2017 E-Book Fotografieren auf Mallorca

2020 Fotografieren auf Mallorca, dpunkt

2021 Fotografieren in Barcelona, dpunkt


Grants, Awards & Expositions

1989 First prize Basket Photography competition, Baunach
1991 Youth prize for group project “Wahnstatt”, Bamberg
1991 Third prize at the media competition of Bundesgremium für Schulfotografie
1992 First prize at the media competition “De-Denkmal”of Bundesgremium für Schulfotografie, Fotokina, Köln
1995 Exposition “Das Pola”, Galerie Bauer, Waldshut
1996 Focus’96, “Wunschmaschine”, FB-Galerie, Dortmund “Mockba”, FB-Galerie, Dortmund “Crossing Borders”, Eurpean Culture Association, Amsterdam Sliedshow-Presentation, Fototage Herten
1997 “Polaserien” Publication in Camera Austria, Wien
1998 “Polaserien” Publication in Photographia, Barcelona
1999 “Paraguay” published at Arbeiterfotografie 2000 “Etiopia”, Primavera Fotografica, Barcelona 2001 “Polaserien”, published in EXIT, Madrid 2005 In memoriam Barri X, Exposition at La Bodega, Girona
2006 Group project “Gott in Deutschland”, Kunsthaus Rhenania, Köln
2010 “Dubai”, Exposition at La Bodega, Girona 2011 Publication at Digital Photo about Travel Photography
2012 Female Bullfighting at PhotoSynth, New York 2013 Female Bullfighting at Art Surprise
2013 Menschen ohne Häuser – Häuser ohne Menschen, Crowdfunding for Documentary-Film-Project
2014 Screening at Docfest Barcelona with BLOC SALT
2014 Land Art Festival Castellon with SUBLIME LANDSCAPES
2015 Finalist at Premios Carles Rahola, Girona, with Punt de Focus
2015 Grant by VG Bildkunst for „Like a coat of rain“
2017 Der Laufbursche live in stage, Kesselhaus Bamberg
2018 benvinguts / welcome?, exposition in Girona at several places


1990-92 Schranke-Zaun-Bunker, a documentation about political architecture
1991 Group project “Wahnstatt”
1994-1996 Polaserien, A voyeuristic collection in Polaroid
1996 “Now to something completly different”, a provocative installation
2000 “In memoriam Barri X”, a fotografic documentation about urbanistic change at the Raval, Barcelona
2009 Female Bullfighting, a multimedia storytelling project about a female Bullfighter 2010 Dubai, photographic project as a result of my book project in Dubai
2012 Monte Carlo Circus Festival, a photographic project
2011-2012 Punt de Focus Video-Storytelling: El Ball de la Maria,L’hort d’en Pol, El Mòn de l’Anna L’interpretació de la Mercè…
2012 iphone project, travel photography about discovering the world with a smart phone
2013 “Paisajes del mar”, black and white landscape photography at the Southern Europe 2013 Menschen ohne Häuser – Häuser ohne Menschen, Documentary-Film-Project about the crisis in Spain
2015 Der Laufbursche
2018 benvinguts / welcome?
2018 Photochimp Club
2018-2021 GIRL FROM BARCELONA, Krimi

Short Film, Multimedia & Interactive

2009 Female Bullfighting
2011 – 2012 Punt de Focus Video-Storytelling: El Ball de la Maria, L’hort d’en Pol, El Mòn de l’Anna, L’interpretació de la Mercè
2012 – 2013 No More Houses – The Coastal Law
No More Houses – Gibraltar
No More Houses – German’s favorite Island
No More Houses – Bloc Salt 1+2
No More Houses – On the Coast
2013 – 2014 Breaking the Silence – Alzheimer
Breaking the Silence – Huntington’s Disease
2015 – RESET? Artvideo
2016 – Like a coat of rain – Interaktive (Work in Progress)
2016 Breaking the Silence: Mallorca

2019 A doubting photographer, Ethics in photojournlism